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Vogmask Review – The Most Stylish Anti-Pollution Facemask?

Should you wear a mask? That’s definitely not a question you should be asking yourself today. Global hysteria caused by a coronavirus outbreak made sure that most people don’t leave their homes without protective measures. That’s understandable. The majority of people try to do their best to protect themselves. And face masks are one of the surefire ways to protect yourself and others from possible infection. That’s why this Vogmask review will try to look at these trendy anti-pollution masks from a slightly different perspective.

Vogmask was a famous brand long before the pandemic. It provided efficient protection from dust and bacteria for many years. It’s considered to be one of the most comfortable and effective ways of protection from airborne particles.

How do you pick the right Vogmask? Are they really as effective as online resources tell? How to wear it to ensure maximal protection? This review will try to answer every Vogmask related question you have. We will also talk about their limitations and benefits.

What is Vogmask?

As you know, mask-making has become particularly popular these past months. However, Vogmask is not a company that’s chasing trends. Vogmask produces filtering half masks since 2011. Over the years, this company has grown into one of the industry’s leaders. This Vogmask review will tell you what makes them different from other mask manufacturers.

Vogmask was always focused on bringing the style into the face wear. Their products are not only useful against various allergens and dangerous air particles. This company offers a sleek-looking way of protecting your health and respiratory system.

Where are they made?

The Vogmask headquarters are in San Francisco. However, the product isn’t assembled in the US. Where is Vogmask made, then? The products are being manufactured in South Korea.

Every mask is created under an audited and certified Quality Plan from top-grade materials.

What is Vogmask made from?

The mask itself is made from established and safe materials. That concerns applied dyes and inks as well. Some of the things used in the assembly include organic cotton, ABS resin, microfiber, textile, and aluminum. The manufacturer doesn’t use latex in the construction.

Vogmask tests every component (as well as each finished product) to ensure proper conditioning and effectiveness. That’s why you can be sure that respiration elements are secure and reliable.

Vogmask: effectiveness and protection against viruses

Vogmask is well-known over the globe. It had undergone extensive evaluations in different regions worldwide.

In South Korea, it was awarded KF94 certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. China also issued a certificate KN-95, which means that Vogmask meets a 95% filtering limit for particles under .3-micron size.

Vogmasks were reviewed and certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Models like Vogmask N95 are proven to filter approximately 95% of particles found in the air. It’s also one of the most common face equipment available for the public.

The primary purpose of a Vogmask is protection against airborne particles, allergens, germs, odors, and scents. It can also intercept other various contaminants. Vogmask products are proven to be 99.9% effective again 0.3, 2.5, and 10-micron particulate matter (air particles). They can also filter dust particles with a size smaller than 0.254 microns.

What about other dangerous viruses like COVID-19?

Theoretically, N95 can be effective even against coronavirus. But the results of a Vogmask review conducted in 2014 have shown ambivalent outcomes. But it’s mostly because the results are hard to measure retrospectively and not due to how they perform.

At the same time, clinical reviews suggest that Vogmask N95 offers undeniable protective advantages over standard medical masks.

There’s also Vogmask N99, which is available in microfiber and organic cotton versions. It offers two built-in valves, which provide multi-layered filtration of microns with a size smaller than 0.3-microns.

Numerous Vogmask reviews argue that this gear offers an appropriate level of protection to ward off viruses and bacteria. The current Viral Filtration Efficiency stands at about 99% for the abovementioned N95 and N99 Vogmask models.What if you’re sick and want to prevent others from getting a disease?

Sadly, Vogmasks are not intended to prevent viruses from transferring to other people. Don’t be mistaken. They reduce the chance of the infection spreading (in theory). Still, we recommend using exposable medical masks for that sole purpose.

Image taken from a WHO official page.

How do you wear Vogmask?

We assume that you know how to wear a mask. But before putting it on – take a look at the statistics above. Now, listen. Nothing we talked about will matter if you wear a Vogmask incorrectly. Also, you should use proper precautions before putting it on.

Certainly, they are not an answer to everything. The key feature of a website generator lies in universality. In principle, they should meet the requirements and expectations of the majority.

We advise you to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) before wearing any face protection. What should you do to ensure your safety?

Follow these instructions when applying any mask:

  • Don’t touch the Vogmask before processing your hands.
  • Wash your hands with alcohol-based substances or hand sanitizers with over 60% of alcohol content. Soap and water will do fine if you wash your hands thoroughly (for more than 20 seconds).
  • Wear the mask in a way that closes all possible gaps.
  • Make sure to cover your mouth and nose. Many people refuse to do it because it doesn’t feel comfortable. However, Vogmask offers a great design that makes sure you don’t feel any discomfort.
  • Refrain from touching your mask, especially with unwashed hands.
  • Don’t use one mask for too long. You need to remove single-use masks after more than 30 minutes of wearing.
  • Be careful with removing the mask as well. Don’t touch the front. Instead, remove it from behind.
  • Make sure to change your mask every day (or every couple of hours). Remember that not every model is washable. If you’re using a microfiber one – carefully wipe it with alcohol-heavy sanitizer and let it rest for a few days.

You must remember that you can’t wear them forever. As with all semi-medical products, every mask should be replaced after a certain time.

How long can you use a Vogmask?

It’s possible to use these masks for up to three years since the date of manufacture. But these are official recommendations of the maker. According to our review, Vogmask remains useful during the first five months of usage. Want to maximize your protection? Then, we advise you to replace it in about half a year after purchase.

Can you wash a Vogmask?

Vogmasks must be regularly maintained. But you should know that not every mask could be washed. For example, virtually all microfiber masks can only be wiped off with sanitizers. Water might ruin their breathability, thus making them unusable. Want a washable Vogmask? Don’t worry. There are models like that. Just get one of the organic cotton models (like Organic Black VMC2V). They are very well suited for hand wash.

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Picking a proper mask

Wearing a mask for an extended time can be tiring. You’ll always feel like you need to readjust your facewear if it doesn’t fit you. And that’s precisely what you don’t need in a protective mask.

As we already mentioned in this Vogmask review, you should refrain from constantly touching your facial area. It undermines the protective measures these masks were designed to deliver.

Want to make sure that the mask seals your face correctly? Then choose an appropriate size! First, pick which type of masks do you prefer. You can choose either a microfiber or an organic mask. Both versions offer roughly the same level of protection from hazardous particles. As we already said, you can wash an organic mask while microfiber Vogmask will be ruined by water.

Valve masks are available in five different sizes:

  1. Small (S) Size. Designed for people under ten years.
  2. Medium (M) Size. Fits teenagers and petite adults.
  3. Medium-plus (M+) Size. Made for average-sized men and women.
  4. Large (L) Size. As the name suggests, this mask fits bigger adults.
  5. Extra-large (XL) Size. This version is aimed at larger people, as well as folks with excess facial hair.

Vogmask’s organic-based solutions are available in Medium, Medium Plus, and Large sizes.You can refer to Vogmask FAQ to get a better understanding of available sizes.


Vogmask offers some of the most reliable reusable filtering masks on the market. This company has certifications from South Korea’s and China’s governmental institutions. Furthermore, Vogmask received universal acclaim and recommendations from agencies like NIOSH and CDC.

As we stated in this review, Vogmask products are effective against various types of air pollution and infections. They can protect even from viruses. However, you must follow WHO guidelines and our instructions on how to wear them. That way, you can propel their effectiveness to the maximum.

Aside from their protective qualities, Vogmasks are also pretty stylish. With an elegant design and so many sizes to choose from, you can be sure to find a mask that suits you perfectly! We hope you liked our Vogmask review and found our instructions helpful! Are you ready to add some style to your facewear? Then hurry! The demand is off the charts!

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