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RZ Mask: Review and Guide to Reusable Anti-Dust Respirators

Getting tired of using disposable dust masks? There are many great alternatives out there. However, not every mask can guarantee decent levels of comfort and protection. In this RZ Mask review, we take a closer look at reusable anti-dust respirators to see if they’re worth getting.

What is an RZ Mask?

The company introduced its first respiratory protection equipment back in 2010. Their products aim to protect wearers from the dangerous influence of dust, dirt, fumes, and gases. The facewear is highly durable and can be used numerous times, albeit with proper maintenance.

Even though this equipment is not yet certified by NIOSH, these masks are more than viable against germs, viruses, and other harmful particles found in the air.

What are RZ Mask Products Used For?

They offer several types of masks and filters. Thus, they can suit a wide variety of activities and environments: from house chores to woodwork and construction engineering. You can also use these anti-dust masks for protection against airborne infection.

Where are RZ Masks Made?

RZ Mask ships and processes all its products from warehouses in the US (state Minnesota). Chinese factories produce all of the face protection equipment. The masks are being created in certified facilities, which are approved for medical manufacturing.

What are RZ Masks Made From?

The M1 mask type is manufactured using Neoprene, while the M2 and M2.5 mask shells are made out of nylon mesh. All of these masks feature plastic exhalation valves and aluminum nose clips. The manufacturer assures that all its masks are BPA free, meaning there’s no lead or latex in the composition.

Choosing an RZ Mask: What to Look Out For?

You should watch out for three things when choosing RZ Mask products. We’re talking about the mask model, size, and type of the filter.


At default, all these respirators are equipped with basic F1 active carbon filters. They have a filtering efficiency of 99.9%, which makes them viable against allergens, fumes, odors, and other types of airborne pollution.

The F2 filter lacks active carbon, which makes it effective only against dust and allergens.

The F3 filter doesn’t have an active carbon element. Thus, aside from dust, it can protect only from fumes, odors, and smoke.

Both F2 and F3 offer improved breathability, however. However, we advise sticking to the F1 filter type as it’s a good combination of comfort and safety.


size rz mask

How do you find the mask that fits you best? The manufacturer has an in-depth guide to help you identify the correct size. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get an appropriate measurement tool. The ruler would suffice, but try not to use a flexible one.
  2. Measure how many inches are there between the tip of your chin and nose bridge.
  3. Use the measurement to pinpoint the mask size.

The RZ Mask equipment comes in three sizes:

  • Medium Size (M) is appropriate for children and petite adults (measurement of 3.5-4 inches).
  • Large Size (L) that suits most adults and could fit people with beards (4-4.5 inches).

Extra Large Size (XL) – for more massive adults (4.5+ inches).


There are three mask models available: M1, M2, and M2.5. Let’s talk about them in greater detail.

Types of Reusable RZ Respirator Masks

The facewear from RZ Mask comes in three models; each one comes packed with a replaceable carbon filter. However, each mask differs n shell construction, that’s suited for particular weather or activity.

1. M1 Neoprene

Key features:

  • Reusable.
  • Can be washed.
  • Fits the head with an adjustable strap.
  • Made from Neoprene.
  • For cold and mild weather.
  • Provides insulation.
  • Designed for mundane tasks (house cleaning, lawn mowing, woodworking).

M1 is a great choice for protection amidst the cold and mild weather. Want to tidy up your room or clean up the house? Maybe, you need protection during lawn mowing or woodworking? Then, M1 would make a fine fit.

The respirator is easy to take on and off. It secures to the back of your neck by one strap with a micro hook. The aluminum nose clip can create some pressure point if you don’t wear the mask properly. That’s also why it’s important to pick the right size.

Unlike the mask itself, the filters can’t be repaired or washed. You should replace them regularly. You’ll be glad to hear that the filters are very easy to change.

Overall, M1 is an excellent and affordable dust mask for routine tasks. It’s also suited for more complex activities like carpentry or mill working.

2. M2 Mesh Mask

Key features:

  • Long-lasting.
  • Washable.
  • Has a single adjustable strap (just like the M1 model).
  • Made from a nylon mesh material.
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Suited for warm weather and mild temperatures.
  • Keeps you cool.
  • For workouts, exercise, and energy-heavy jobs.
  • Maintains maximal efficiency if used for less than 2 hours.

M2 model is more than appropriate for higher temperatures. It’s perfect for intense workouts or other energy-heavy activities.

The mask shares construction with the previous model. It has the same strap that secures the M1 dust mask around the back of your neck. It makes this mask just as easy to put on and remove on the go. The filters are just as straightforward to replace.

This mask is even lighter due to the difference in material. It makes it more comfortable to wear, especially during physical exercises. Nylon mesh also provides excellent airflow, making the mask very breathable. However, wearing glasses with this mask is not that comfortable. You’re likely to fog the glasses from time to time.

This RZ Mask is a great choice for intense activities. Still, it’s best to use it shorter time frames.

3. M2.5 Mesh Mask

Key features:

  • Durable and reusable.
  • Can be washed numerous times.
  • Made from a mesh material.
  • Two adjustable straps.
  • Ideal for warmer temperatures.
  • Perfect for intense work with exposure to pollutants and dust (demolition, construction engineering, painting, stonework, and others).
  • Suited for extended and continuous use.

Want to have full protection for extended periods? Then, you should make use of the M2.5 RZ Mask. It provides maximal comfortability and protection if you plan on working continuously for over two hours.

It shares the shell material with the M2 mask. It’s just as easy to wear, as well as hang around your neck when you’re idle. It features two adjustable straps instead of one. Because of it, your neck gets a better range of motions while the respirator sits tightly on your face.

Just as the M2 model, this facewear is lightweight and breathable. There are only a few downsides. First, a slightly annoying nose bridge. Also, your breath could fog the glasses.

What about protection? It’s ideal for works with dust exposure, as well as for exercises.

How to Wear an RZ Mask?

You won’t get much protection if you don’t wear the respirator in a correct way.

What about protection against airborne viruses, and COVID-19 in particular? Even though it’s a controversial matter, most experts agree that respirator masks can offer extra protection. That is if you follow the guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO).

How can you wear an RZ mask to maximize safety and comfort? Let’s sum up the most crucial points:

  • Perform hand hygiene before you touch the mask. Use alcohol-based liquids or rub them with soap and water.
  • Don’t readjust the respirator while wearing it.
  • The filter should fully seal our face if you want it to remain effective.
  • Make sure to cover your chin, while the top part of the facewear should conceal the top on your nose.
  • Feeling that the mask is getting damp? Carefully remove (from the back), wash your hands, and put on another one.

Additional Information

Anything else on your mind? We’ll try to answer other popular questions about this brand.

Can you use RZ Mask for welding or in other types of construction work?

Results may vary depending on materials that you’re going to be welding. However, this facewear can protect from particulates that are 0.01 microns in size. That’s why these respirators are more than enough to ward off welding fumes.

Is the mask washable?

All of these dust masks are reusable, as well as water-resistant. We recommend sticking to soap and water to wash them. Avoid using cleaning supplies. Also, give them enough time to dry before wearing them again.

Is the filter washable as well?

You can’t wash the filters. For your protection, make sure to replace them regularly.

How often should I replace the filter?

RZ Mask filters use activated carbon technology. It has a high level of temperature resistance and can withstand moisture. However, you should discard the filter after full use. How long can you use it before it depletes?

The filter’s lifespan depends on the environment which it is exposed to. 

It will last about 60 hours if you’re using a respirator to ward off dust, allergens, and other pollutants. You should replace the filter after 30 hours of continuous wearing during activities with high levels of dust exposure.

How good are these masks against airborne pollution (viruses, germs, and other hazardous particles)?

NIOSH didn’t approve RZ Mask respirators as of now. However, they are verified to have a 99.9% filtering efficiency against airborne particulates that are at 0.1-micron size. That makes them more useful than certified N95 respirators, which can repel most of the hazardous particles.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), respiratory protection equipment with over 95% filtering efficiency can protect from chemicals, gases, harmful clouds of dust, and other types of pollution.

And what about COVID-19? In theory, RZ Mask equipment is viable against coronavirus. However, they protect only from particles that you inhale. And that’s very important! People who already got sick won’t be able to stop the infection from spreading with these masks.

So be careful! And adhere to recommendations on how to wear these masks we described above.


To sum up our review, RZ Mask products are a great solution for a variety of scenarios and environments. They provide excellent protection while being comfortable to use for an extended time. Want to get a reliable respirator for daily tasks or work? Then don’t delay the purchase for too long!

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