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Honeywell Respirators Review and Guide to Anti-Pollution Masks

Do you want to obtain reliable protection against dust? Are you working at a place where you’re regularly exposed to the dangers of inhaling hazardous particles? Or you need to be sure that you’re well-protected during quarantine? You’re not alone. But there’s a great solution! Honeywell respirators are some of the most sought-after pieces of facewear on the market. 

This review describes the best respiratory protection equipment from this company. Additionally, we will summarize how you should wear Honeywell masks to maximize their effectiveness. You’ll also find out about their uses in everyday life. Sound interesting? Then stick around till the end.

What is Honeywell Mask?

Honeywell is a US-based multinational corporation. It produces a wide range of industrial equipment. They are also known for their masks and respirators. The majority of their products are guaranteed to deliver comfort, efficiency, and personal safety.

Some Honeywell masks are aimed for protection against harmful particles in everyday life. At the same time, this company offers top-grade, certified respiratory protection equipment. The most notable examples are N95 and P100 half masks. We are going to tell you more about these models in a few moments.

Where are Honeywell Respirators Made?

According to the company’s CEO Darius Adamczyk, the Honeywell protective gear is American-made.

For example, this company manufactures the famous N95 One-Fit Molded Cup on the Rhode Island situated facilities. They also create products in Phoenix, Arizona.

There, they produce N95 masks in an effort to fight against COVID-19.

Honeywell: The Most Popular Products

Honeywell offers top-grade masks and respirators for personal use. For this review, we picked sought-after equipment that is sure to help you in day-to-day life, as well as during the quarantine.

Honeywell Nuisance Dust Mask

Key features:

  • Offers protection versus mold, dust, and non-toxic air pollutants.
  • Adjustable nose bridge provides a secure fit and maximal comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Latex-free.
  • Doesn’t have a NIOSH approval.

This is a pretty standard reusable mask that offers complete protection against non-contaminative pollutants. It’s made from safe materials, which means it won’t irritate your skin or frustrate you with a horrible scent. The Nuisance Dust Mask is available in one size that’s supposed to fit most people. However, it’s guaranteed to be either too large or too small for some.

This mask isn’t NIOSH approved. It won’t help you against hazardous materials and viruses. At the same time, the mask is very cheap. This makes it handy for many jobs and everyday routine. Want to know where you could use a Honeywell Dust Mark? We’ll get to that in a few minutes!

The One-Fit Molded Cup N95 Respirator (NIOSH)

Key features:

  • About 95% filtration efficiency.
  • Fantastic protection against fumes, dust, and dangerous air pollutants.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • Adjustable nose bridge.
  • Exhalation valve.
  • Certified by NIOSH.

Honeywell N95 mask is a highly effective disposable protective facewear. It provides excellent protection from the most dangerous contaminants. N95 is secure and latex-free just as all Honeywell respirators. It comes in one size. However, this product offers a much better and secure fit due to a dual-wielded head strap.

NIOSH assures that this respirator has an approximately 95% index of filtration. Consequently, it offers adequate protection against flues and viruses (provided you wear it the right way).

Honeywell Multi-Purpose Reusable Half Mask MC/P100 Respirator

Key features:

  • Filters 99,97% of solid and air particles.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Long-lasting respirator.
  • Approved by NIOSH.
  • Effective against COVID-19.

This Honeywell P100 half-mask is on a whole different protection tier. It’s made to safeguard people from infectious airborne pollutions, including viruses, toxic dust, and germs. Honeywell produces multiple sizes of this respirator to ensure that everyone gets the best fit. 

the popularity of masks is on the rise, according to Statista.

The mask is reusable and highly effective. Each of its P100 filters can work for up to 40 hours, with an approximately 99.97% of filtration efficiency. As you can imagine, this equipment is not very comfortable for everyday work.

It’s obviously not something you’d want for undemanding activities like yard mowing or house cleaning.

However, this respirator could be extremely beneficial for organizations that have to work in harsh conditions or during the quarantine.

How to Wear Honeywell Respirators (Masks)?

The researchers still debate whether or not N95 respirators are more efficient than standard surgical masks. However, there’s one thing every scientist agrees on that concerns face protection.

Any facewear is going to be useless if you don’t wear it properly. Masks also won’t have any positive effect if you don’t take precaution measures before putting them on. According to Dr. Dale Fisher, who is an infectious disease physician at The World Health Organization, protective functions of any mask can backfire if the user handles it the wrong way.

But how do you wear a Honeywell mask correctly? Easy. Just follow the WHO guidelines for coronavirus disease protection. They apply to Honeywell respirators just as much as for other masks.

We condensed these instructions into the following points for your comfort.

  1. Wash hands with soap before touching the mask. Alternatively, you could clean your hands with alcohol-based liquids.
  2. Don’t touch the inner side of Honeywell respirators while putting them on.
  3. Avoid touching your face or the respirator itself during exploitation.
  4. Carefully remove the mask, touching it from behind.
  5. Honeywell focuses on producing disposable masks. You should remember not to wear them for too long and to discard them when the time comes.
  6. If your single-use mask becomes humid or damp – replace it with a new one as soon as possible.
  7. Never reuse disposable masks or P100 filters.

Are you interested to know everything about using masks during home care and coronavirus outbreak? Feel free to read WHO’s official instructions by following this link.

Do Honeywell Masks Protect Against Airborne Pollution and Viruses?

The short answer is “yes.” A big number of models manufactured by Honeywell are focused on protection against dangerous viruses.

For example, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recognizes N95 Mask as equipment that can filter out dangerous airborne contaminants. The P100 respirator is proven to protect against over 99% of particles.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ordered a massive batch of Honeywell’s N95 face masks. They will be given to emergency response and health workers. Meanwhile, Honeywell is directing its efforts to increase the production of respirators in order to meet the rising demand.

Do These Products Come in a Sterile Package?

Honeywell takes care of its customers. It’s also an extremely responsible company that tries to do everything to provide more people with efficient protective solutions.

Recently, this company expanded the manufacturing of disposable Honeywell N95 masks for doctors and medical personnel. You can be sure that they do everything in their power to help fight the global coronavirus pandemic.

As a company that’s fully aware of the COVID-19 threat, it understands the importance of delivering its masks in proper packaging. For that reason, you can expect all of your purchases to come in sterile encasements.

Where Can You Use Honeywell Respirators and Masks

So, you know about the advantages of these products. You understand that they offer protection from airborne diseases. But how can you use them in daily life? Let’s list some examples.

  • House cleaning. All Honeywell masks offer excellent dust protection. They are also comfortable to wear, which makes them great for house chores. Also, they can protect you from cement dust if you’re cleaning up after home renovations.
  • Yard work. A lot of dust and smoke often accompany activities like lawn mowing. Having these masks helps to fend off harmful air particles from a respiratory system. 
  • Forestry. These masks and respirators can come in handy if you do stuff like sanding or woodturning. Fell free to wear one to get full protection from annoying particles like sawdust.
  • Office work. We probably shouldn’t tell you how dangerous office work can be. Especially now, in times of global pandemic and quarantine. Honeywell respirators can protect you from inhaling hazardous air particles during the workday, thus making you much safer from possible infection.
  • Public places (stores, parks, gas stations, and other areas). Honeywell respirators are a surefire way to ward off infection. However, they can also be worn by those who already got sick but need to visit crowded places. With reliable respirators, these people can prevent the virus from spreading further.

The list is not exhaustive. Honeywell produces a wide range of protective gear. Meanwhile, their disposable masks are very affordable. That’s why you can adapt these masks for almost any environment and activity.


Honeywell is one of the industrial leaders that manufactures top-grade respiratory equipment for virus protection, as well as for everyday use. We should also note their exhaustive effort to mass-produce N95 respirators to address nationwide shortages and meet the increasing demand.

Want to go through everyday chores comfortably, while protecting yourself from air pollution and dust? Then, buy a pack of cheap Honeywell anti-dust masks. Seeking proper protection against hazardous toxins or airborne diseases? In that case, make use of NIOSH-certified Honeywell respirators that are also available at a reasonable price.

As you know, the demand is currently off the charts. Therefore, you shouldn’t linger. Pick one of the Honeywell respirators right now if you don’t want to miss your chance!

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