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Cambridge Mask Review – World’s Most Fashionable Respirators

Looking for a good reusable respirator mask for everyday use? Do you also want it to be stylish, as well as reliable against airborne pollution? Then, you’ve come to the right address! This review looks at Cambridge Mask – one of the most affordable, efficient, and fashionable respirators with military-grade quality control.

Taking care of respiratory health is essential in light of the worldwide pandemic. Respirators and dust masks are useful not only against airborne viruses and bacteria. Just so you know, people were using them long before COVID-19 outbreak to safeguard themselves against dust, mold, toxins, and other types of pollution.

And that’s where Cambridge Mask comes into the picture! Proceed further to find out everything there is to know about this company and its respiratory protection equipment. We are going to explore the idea behind these masks, their composition, and usefulness in the present-day world. 

But that’s not all! We’re also going to answer the most common questions concerning Cambridge masks, as well as help you pick the right size.

Sound interesting? Then let’s get started.

What Is a Cambridge Mask?

The company “Cambridge Mask Co” was founded by Christopher Dobbing back in 2015. The core idea behind the product was to create an adequate means of protection against air pollution.

According to the founder, even the most basic version of their respirators can effectively filter the majority of gases, dangerous air particulates, and even viruses. And that information seems to be exact!

The facepieces sold by Cambridge Mask received the approval of the American National Institute for Occupations Safety and Health (NIOSH for short). What does this mean, exactly? These masks are equipped with N95 and N99 respirators. They can filter up to 95.5% and 99% (respectively) of particulate pollution smaller than 0.3 microns in size. This level of filtering efficiency is more than enough to protect the wearer against the smallest airborne particles like viruses, according to NIOSH and CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

What are Cambridge Mask Respirators Made For?

To quote that Cambridge Mask Co’s founder told the press before: “These masks (N99 Pro versions) are tested and found to have a 99.6% average viral filter efficiency”. However, this level of effectiveness can be achieved only if you wear them correctly. But we’ll talk about that later.

These respirators are great for various activities and working environments. For example, you can use this facepiece for:

  • Daily chores like general house cleaning or lawn mowing.
  • Physical exercises, fitness, and bicycle riding.
  • Workplaces with high levels of dust exposure (construction engineering, off-road work, pharmaceutical industry, woodworking, ceramics).
  • Prevention measures against airborne diseases.
  • Anyone living (or traveling) in countries with high levels of pollution.

And then there’s the style. We think it’s safe to call masks an element of fashion nowadays. Cambridge Mask product offers a wide selection of slick-looking respirators with extensive color and prints range.

Where Are Cambridge Masks Made?

Image from the Cambridge Mask Co official page.

The masks are manufactured in factories located in China and Indonesia. However, they are being created using British military technology. The company ships all facepieces from the United Kingdom or the USA.

Cambridge Mask uses advanced air filtering technology. It consists of three levels of protection: the primary filter, the three-ply layer, and, for the N99 Pro respirators, the military-grade carbon filter.

This technology helps this facewear achieve maximal filtering efficiency. The company meets a wide range of requirements and received certification from the following organizations:

  • Nelson Labs in the US
  • EN-149 (standard for CE in the European Union)
  • Bay Area Testing Labs (certified as safe for children)

Cambridge Respirator Masks for Everyday Use

Cambridge Mask’s facepieces come in two variations: N95 and N99 masks. Both types are fashion-focused, which means that they are available in a variety of patterns and colors. These masks come in 5 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

The respirators provide sufficient filtering efficiency to ward off hazardous pollution, toxic dust, and viruses. However, they offer different levels of protection. Let’s look at them up-close!

N95 Basic Mask

Key features:

  • Over 95% of filtering efficiency (doesn’t work against oil-based particles).
  • No inner carbon layer.
  • NIOSH-approved.
  • Lightweight (70 grams).
  • Adjustable earloop straps.
  • Good life (filter remains useful for up to 90 hours).
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes in 2 colors.

N95 Basic Cambridge Mask aims at urban citizens and cyclists. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and has minimal levels of breathing resistance, thus making this facewear perfect for intense physical activities.

In addition to that, this is a very affordable anti-pollution mask. It currently ranks as one of the best budget-friendly pieces of respiratory protection equipment.

N99 Pro Mask

Key features:

  • Over 99.6% of filtering efficiency (doesn’t work against oil-based particles).
  • Feature inner carbon layer.
  • NIOSH-approved.
  • More than twice as heavy as the basic model (166 grams).
  • Adjustable earloop straps.
  • Great filter life (up to 350 hours or six months of continuous use).
  • Numerous color and pattern options.

And this is the so-called “military-grade” mask we mentioned before. It’s basically an upgraded version of the previous respirator with even higher filtering efficiency. The facepiece also has an additional carbon layer.

All these measures make this mask extremely viable against gases, bacteria, viruses, and many other forms on non-oil particulates. However, additional protection comes at the expense of extra weight. This respirator is more than twice as bulkier compared to the previous model, which makes it slightly less comfortable for physical exercises.We should note that we find an adjustable earloop a little too thick and tight around the years in both versions of this mask. Still, this model is safe for kids and can be used for medical purposes (although, professionals insist that healthcare workers should use disposable respirators).

Are Cambridge Mask Products Washable?

Yes, these respirators can be washed and used numerous times. They are made out of top-quality materials and pass through serious quality control, which makes them quite sturdy.

The manufacturer recommends washing them carefully with water and soap. Please, don’t put the mask in the washing machine and don’t use alcohol-based cleaners because that could ruin the product.

It’s doesn’t really matter how frequently you wash these masks during the Coronavirus pandemic. To achieve maximal protection – learn how to wear them appropriately. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

How Long Can the Mask Be Used?

The mask doesn’t have a built-in filter. Instead, the whole shell is basically one big filtering device. That’s why no matter how careful you are with washing the mask, you still have to replace it after a certain period.

It’s recommended that you use this mask for no longer than six months before discarding it. And that’s only if you use it properly.

Now, how do you wear these masks?

How to Wear a Cambridge Mask

Image from the WHO official guidelines on how to wear a mask.

As we have repeatedly mentioned, Cambridge Mask produces respirators that are viable against the majority of viruses and infectious diseases, including COVID-19. However, you need to wear them appropriately if you want them to remain efficient throughout the day.

We recommend you following guidelines and recommendations provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Among other things, it’s essential to do the following:

  • Take hand hygiene seriously. Find the time to wash hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based substances.
  • Don’t touch your face or the mask while you wear it.
  • Remove and apply the respiratory equipment by carefully touching it from behind.
  • Make sure to wear the mask by covering both your mouth and nose. Leave no gaps between the respirator and your face.

In order to achieve a good seal and maximize filtering efficiency – you need to pick a fitting Cambridge mask.

Picking a Suitable Size of the Mask

Size guide from the Cambridge Mask Co official page.

Finding a properly sized mask that allows you to get a perfect seal is not as easy as you think. However, Cambridge Mask has posted a comprehensible guide to help you find an ideal fit. What are the main points here?

  1. Get a good old-fashioned tape measure for more accurate results.
  2. Measure the following:
    1. distance from the middle of the nose to a tip of the chin
    2. distance between the cheekbones
  3. Refer to the sizing guide on the screenshot above or on the official website (

It’s important to note that Cambridge masks come in five sizes: from Extra Small to Extra Large. That means that you are sure to find a perfect fit!


And that concludes our Cambridge Mask review! To sum up, this company supplies the market with extremely efficient and stylish respirator masks. They work perfectly as an accessory in everyday life, as well as protective equipment in times of global pandemic. Don’t wait until they are all gone and order one today!

We hope you’ve found our review useful. Have any additional questions? You’re welcome to leave them in the comment section!

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