Best masks for oily skin

What is oily skin?

This type of skin has an excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.
Oily skin has a rather coarse texture, shine and unhealthy colour. Enlarged pores, black heads, cysts of sebaceous glands and acne often also present.
Oily skin requires careful attention, a certain diet, proper home and professional care (cleaning, masks, peels), competent selection of cosmetic products (masks, creams, lotions).
Oily skin – refers to problem skin, which is characterized by increased greasiness and shiny appearance.
Oily facial skin is the most common and more prone to the appearance of other various dermatological problems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to your skin, if you have this skin type.

What affects the oiliness of the skin?

Best masks for oily skinThe most commonly oily skin happens in adolescence and young adulthood.
But about 25-30 years usually changes to a Combination skin. Only a small percentage of people keep this type of skin for all life. The main reason for the increased fat content of the skin is a reinforced work of the sebaceous glands.
This may be due to hereditary characteristics, problems with the hormones, the problems associated with the stomach, unhealthy diet and improper skin care.
If you have oily skin genetically, with age the skin type will not change. In this case, you need to pay much attention on daily care. Proper selection of daily cosmetics. Masks for oily skin will significantly reduce the problem.

Endocrine problems.

This is due primarily to the period of puberty, during which the amount of testosterone increases. Adrenaline has the same impact for the function of the sebaceous glands. The level of adrenalin in the blood increases during stress.
Hormonal contraceptives increase the oiliness of the skin among women who take hormonal contraceptives in long-term or uncontrolled. Oily skin facial combined with the overall oiliness of the body is a characteristic of such disease as hypothyroidism.
Abuse of fatty or spicy foods, flour products, sweets, junk food, carbonated beverages and alcohol also affects on the oiliness of the skin!
Quite often, people with oily skin suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
If you often have dirty or dusty environments, it can also affect the skin problems.

What mistakes people with oily skin usually make?

Overly active and aggressive cleansing of the skin with the help of cosmetic products containing alcohol, as well as scrubs can destroy your skin. Regular degreasing of problem areas with alcoholic tonics and lotions only leads to aggravate the problem. Frequent facial peeling causes microtrauma and it begins rapidly secrete more sebum. The use of unsuitable creams and skin care products can also enhance the problem of greasiness of the skin.

Let us again remind ourselves what are the characteristics of oily skin?

Most often the skin is oily in the T-zone. It’s a forehead, nose and chin. It looks shiny, thick and coarse, not clean, often has an uneven surface, grayish and dull color. On oily skin makeup applied very badly. Base and powder can only temporarily help. Oily skin can also be found on the body, usually on the chest and back.
Poor cleansing of oily skin leads to the fact that the sebaceous along with dead skin flakes and dust clog pores. Very often, oily skin with enlarged pores resembles an orange peel. Acne also is a very common problem for people with this skin type.

Did you know? Despite the fact that oily skin is definitely a problem, it also has benefits!

Oily skin retains moisture better, therefore is more protected and less sensitive to the effects of weather conditions (wind, sun and cold). Oily skin is much longer retains elasticity and wrinkles appear much later.

What is specially needed to be known to the owners of oily skin?

The main tasks of caring for oily skin is to remove excess sebum, pore opening, decreased activity of the sebaceous glands.
You need to reduce the negative effects on the skin.
Don’t use constantly lotions with an alcohol in the composition, very fatty creams and scrubs.
Always remove makeup at night!
The diet should be used: lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, bran, cereals.
Reduce the spices, fat meat, pastry and sweets.
Group B vitamins are very important to take.

Use a cleansing procedure, moisturizing and nourishing the skin daily.
Wash face twice a day with foam for oily skin.
Don’t use a loofah. Lather with your fingers and wash off with warm or cool water.
Do peeling once a week. For deep cleansing, use masks. Special masks for oily skin effectively remove dead cells, dust and excess sebum and do not injure the skin. Once a week, make a clay mask. Such masks have absorbing effect and tighten the pores. Masks for oily skin can help significantly reduce the formation of acne.

Once you have washed, pat the skin with soft tissue and wipe with tonic for oily skin. Apply a special cream for oily skin after.
For make-up, choose light foundation base and powder with a matte effect. Avoid cream blush, shadows and liquid eyeliner.

Best masks for oily skin


mask for oily skinThis mask is very well established among people with oily skin.
The mask cleanses the skin, tightens pores and reduces sebum production.
Face becomes fresh, pores look significantly narrowed.
Mask gives detoxification and increases blood circulation, the result – good complexion.
We believe it is very important that the mask contains natural ingredients. Absence in its composition – fillers, dyes and parabens makes it very attractive for natural cosmetics lovers.
Also, we want to please you with the fact that the mask is not tested on animals!
Use once a week for 10 minutes. If you feel that you need to use it more, do it not more than three times a week.
You will enjoy the result!
Be sure to test it before using, on the inside of the elbow.


Best masks for oily skinThis mask perfectly absorbs sebum. It contains several natural clays. It perfectly removes dirt from the pores, which makes it indispensable in the care of oily skin. The mask is easy to apply, leaving skin soft, smooth and matte.
Many people do not like the effect of drying and strong tightening of the skin, which happens with masks on the basis of clay. In this case, it will not happen. Mask gives the skin a feeling of softness after use.
It was also observed that the mask improves skin structure after use. It’s very important for oily skin. The make-up will be applied better on smooth radiant skin.