Best lightening cream 2017

Lightening cosmetic products are super popular now. It is essential for some people to make a face few tones lighter. Whatever color your skin is, you can always lighten up your face a little more, and your face will look younger and much fresher. Someone is interested in bleaching spots on the body. Elbows, knees, and armpits often have excessive pigmentation. It also does not look beautiful. Smooth skin color always looks better.
Here, I compared three cosmetic products for skin lightening, as this topic is gaining a lot of popularity now.

Zeta White 3 point system, IS Clinical White Lightening Complex and SkinBright Premium Concentrate.

  • Product   
  • Rating   
  • Steps   
  • Naturalness   
  • Tested on animals   
  • Very sensitive skin   
  • Dark spots   
  • Sex   
  • Body   
  • Dark skin types   

  • Zeta

  • 3 steps product
  • 100%
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Women/men
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • SkinBright

  • 1 step product
  • 100%
  • No
  • Yes
  • Very effective
  • Women/men
  • Yes
  • Yes

  • IS Clinical

  • 1 step product
  • 95%
  • No information
  • No
  • Yes
  • Women/men
  • Yes
  • Yes

Are you looking for natural skin Lightening cream?

The naturalness of the product is now very important for the consumer. Our body experiences an aggressive environmental impact almost daily. Especially people who live in big cities, with a dense car traffic, are exposed to a significant load on the body of harmful substances. We need to strive for more naturalness, at least in food and cosmetics. For whom this condition is one of the most important, Zeta White 3 point system meets this requirement.

This lightening system contains the maximum number of natural components. You can be sure of the 100% naturalness and safety of the product. It’s 95% organic product. Do not be confused by the figure – 95%. That is a very high percentage of naturalness for a cosmetic product. The remaining 5% includes substances that give the product a longer shelf life. Agree, you will be upset to use the cream only for several days.

All three products (day, night and wash foam) natural and safe. In confidence, we can say that this is one of the best natural bleaching agents.

Extract of lemon, enzyme-rich papaya extract, licorice extract.
All these extracts have natural bleaching properties. Without chemicals, you will perfectly bleach your skin few tones lighter.

The second cream that we recommend for bleaching is IS Clinical White Lightening Complex.

It showed excellent results of whitening. It is a quick way to make your skin lighter and smoother absolutely safely and without irritation. If you need visible results and you are not ready to use several cosmetic products, this solution is for you. We cannot promise that this cream is a 100% natural. The manufacturer does not declare it in the description, but high-efficiency compensates that. If you are not so worried about 100% naturalness, it can be the best whitening cream for you.

SkinBright Premium Concentrate does not contain hydroquinone, which is indeed an indicator of a higher naturalness of the cosmetic product.
Hydroquinone replaces Alfa-Arbutin. It is powerful, but gentle skin lightening agent derived from the blueberry tree.

Official websites:  Zeta WhiteSkinBright, IS Clinical

Best lightening cream for dark skin

Best lightening cream for dark skin“Could you help me to find the best lightening cream for dark skin, please?” This question is very relevant for people who have skin color from medium to very dark.
Highly pigmented skin needs a stronger effect on the production of melanin.
Primarily, we would like to note the effectiveness of all three creams for whitening African-American and dark skin types.
All three products Zeta White 3 point system, IS Clinical White Lightening Complex and SkinBright Premium Concentrate show quick and visible results. Of course, each person is individual and the results may vary, but these creams give a good effect on the dark skin for sure. Due to the lightning, the dark skin types look beautiful and bright!

Zeta White 3 point system, works through a system of three steps. Each of them helps to fight the melanin production during the day and night. Including, and when you are sleeping.

IS Clinical White Lightening Complex is recommended by many professionals in cosmetology and is also one of the best creams for dark skin.

After Kojic Acid was obtained from Japanese wine Sake, a safe and very effective bleaching agent has come to the market. It turned out to be entirely safe and super effective for lightening the skin of all types and shades. With SkinBright Premium Concentrate the darker tones of Asian and African American skin showed fantastic results. Also, this product is suitable for sensitive skin, which is its absolute advantage.

Body lightening cream

Face lightening is not essential for everyone. Our bodies have places where the production of melanin can also interfere with aesthetics.
It’s embarrassing to wear an open dress with brown spots in the armpits. It is a terrible problem for some people. Elbows, knees, and groin often look darker. We can fight this problem with brightening creams. All three claim to be the best lightening creams for the body, knees, armpits, and elbows.
If your target is to lighten only individual spots on the body, give a try to IS Clinical White Lightening Complex. It will be faster and more efficient for the purpose.

Skin Bright works well on the body too. (If not, we would not include it to our list!) It was also tested for the body and worked great! Try first on elbows and knees. These are the places by which you will quickly understand the result.

Skin lightening cream for dark spots

Skin lightening cream for dark spotsVery often with age, hormonal changes in the body, the production of melanin increases. That happens for various reasons. Pregnancy can provoke dark spots on the face and body too. In this case, skin pigmentation lightening cream can significantly help get rid of the problem. Even if you solve the problem inside the organism, you need to erase dark spots from your body and face.

Freckles can look very lovely in youth, but with age, people can feel uncomfortable because of their consistency with their image. In the past, it was challenging to get rid of freckles, but with the development of cosmetology and cosmetics, it has become much easier and safer. Creams make the skin several tones lighter and can affect individual dark spots and freckles.

SkinBright is very efficient for Freckles! It was tested many times, and reviews are very positive.

Skin lightening cream for men

All these problems are peculiar not only to women but also to men! Men are searching for skin lightening creams for men, too. Removing dark spots from the men’s skin is difficult because their skin is coarser than women’s.
Do men need some special clarifying cream? We do not think so. Men need creams that will quickly and very efficiently show the result. Zeta White system is undoubtedly suitable for this. But especially for men’s skin, a little better option will be IS Clinical White Lightening Complex. It can show results even after two weeks!

The manufacturer of the SkinBright emphasizes explicitly that the whitening cream was created for men and women. Men can safely enjoy the quick whitening effect of this cream.

Which cream to choose is your solution. But having looked through many reviews and information on this topic, our recommendation is to try described creams above. Anyway, we are continuing to collect reviews. If you get good and quick results, let us know your thoughts.

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