Best Korean face mask

Best Korean face maskEspecially, worth mentioning about best Korean face masks.
They occupy an exceptional place in the cosmetic market.
The earliest Korean cosmetics mastered beauty bloggers, they also created a massive stir by telling about the miraculous properties of Korean products. And no wonder, because now South Korea is considered to be a trendsetter in the field of beauty.
Korea – a country where there is the cult of perfect skin. And unlike in America and Europe, the concept of an “ideal” is another. According to Korean standards, the skin should be very light (without the slightest signs of exposure to the sun), almost transparent, without acne and wrinkles, nourished and glowing.
Koreans used the latest technology, producing products with unique formulations and actions, developing new forms, and not forgetting the design.

Fanatical pursuit of beauty among Asian Youth gave rise to a huge industry, making the Korean cosmetics global trend. After all, South Korea was able to offer the market cosmetics which are in demand all over the world.
Facial masks from Korea are very popular among modern women, regardless of their skin characteristics. When we talk about the Korean cosmetics we mean not only that the cream or mask produced by Korea but also about the traditions of cosmetology in this country.
At the same time, according to US analysts cosmetic market, in South Korea the introduction of new products and technologies in the field of beauty and health of the skin, occurs at 8 or even 12 years ahead of other countries!

The Secret of Korean masks is in their composition.

All Korean cosmetics made of natural and high-quality components, such as fruit acids, algae, oils, extract of snail mucus, ginseng, herbal extracts and plants growing only in Korea.
A distinctive feature of Korean cosmetics is that it is directed to a skin health, not only for the temporary masking of skin imperfections.
Irritation and rashes disappear, including – acne because masks contain anti-inflammatory components.
Smoothes fine lines and restores firmness and elasticity of the skin.
Korean Masks have wonderful tonic properties.
The complexion is considerably improved after use: fade yellow and bluish shades, the skin is smoothed, refreshed. For Koreans it is especially important to have a lighter skin tone.
They are perfect to moisturize dry skin, nourish it and do an excellent job with scaly patches.
If you do not have enough time to care for yourselves, this is a great option to maintain your skin and even as the prevention of aging.


THE WHOO JINYULHTANG ESSENTIAL MASSAGE MASK REVIEWIt is noticed that the Korean cosmetics – masks, lotions, emulsions, serum – slows down the aging process.
The mask removes toxins from the skin for improved blood flow, reduces redness and increases immunity.
Mask contains complex of ingredients which makes your skin healthy and vital.
Honghwagdan which includes:
Red ginseng, yuchunhwa, hongchabusutcha, jujube, hongchchukcho, jacho.
Kamisoyosan contains:
Moutan, gardenia, dong quai, hwangkeom, jeokjangyak, doyin, baekchul, plantain.
Junggiboyuldan will nourish and clean your skin.
Pomegranate, sungma, sophora, yam.
Spatulas help to apply masks on the skin. You can use wood or silicone tools for application.
The best way to use:
After washing, wipe the face with tonic.
Spread the mask all over the face using wood massage tool.
Massage your face, neck and a face lines.
After 10-15 minutes, gently wipe off with tissue.
You will be surprised by the effect of this mask. With regular use (not more than once a week) your skin becomes visibly smooth and fresh!
Important Notice!
If you have up to this moment had never used this cosmetic, be sure to carry out the test for an allergic reaction!


CO2 CARBOXY SYSTEM MASK REVIEWIt gives amazing slimming effect to the skin by removing extra water!
It delivers nutrients to the cells.
It reduces flaking skin – helps cells to maintain moisture balance.
It increases the regenerative ability of the skin, so the skin becomes clear and radiant.
And it perfectly fights wrinkles!
CO2 Gel was originally used for the treatment of scars, however, it turned out to be just as effective in reducing subcutaneous fat, whitening, eliminate freckles, improve acne and so on.

Instructions for use

1. Wash, the face must be absolutely clean.
2. Apply a thick layer of the gel on the face.
3. Place the mask on the face.
4. Tapping the skin with your fingertips for about 10 minutes.
5. After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask.
6. Remove the remaining gel with a paper napkin and rinse with warm water.


AESTHETIC MODELING RUBBER MASK REVIEWAllow us to introduce Korean Modeling Rubber Mask!
Rubber Modeling Mask Care – contains a huge amount of minerals and trace elements.
It strengthens and soothes the skin!
It will give you a feeling of coolness and will soothe irritation. This is especially nice after an exhausting day.
It saves the skin from premature aging, which is especially important if you spend much of your time in the sun.
This is a great mask for those who do not have enough time to care for the face.

How to use it:

Put Modeling & Pour powder activator to rubber bowl and mix thoroughly with a spatula.
Apply the paste-like mixture, moves upward as if pulling up the skin from the neck bottom and moving to the chin.
Continue to apply to cheeks, nose and forehead.
Peel off the mask after 15-20 minutes.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the result. The skin will be tightened and with good complexion!
You will be particularly satisfied that the set includes a bowl and a spatula.