Best face mask for dry skin

Dry skin can be very tormenting. It needs a very careful care, which is able to slow down the process of aging. No need to say, how face masks can help you in your everyday care! We are happy to help you with choosing the best face mask for dry skin.

Dry Skin Care has its own peculiarities aiming at: slowing aging, rejuvenation and improvement of skin tone. Dry skin is a result of violations of metabolic processes in the skin, and loss of ability to its rapid recovery after a big load on the skin. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, pale and dried.

In the early years dry skin practically does not cause any trouble. It’s not greasy, pores cannot be seen at all, no problems with pimples and blackheads and it has a peach shade.
However, after age of twenty the situation is changing. Skin becomes very dry, rough, has reduced skin elasticity, there is a strong feeling of tightness, cracking and irritation. Due to the absence or lack of hydration and nutrition, dry skin is exposed to early signs of aging, especially visible in the area around the eyes and nasolabial folds.
At the age of twenty-five years wrinkles may appear.

A lot of the reasons why the skin becomes dry

Best face mask for dry skinIncorrect or insufficient skin care.
Washing the face with hot water.
Using harsh cosmetics instead special makeup.
Lack of vitamins A, C and E, also contribute to dry skin.
For dry skin can cause a variety of diseases of the stomach.
Excessive tanning in summer can lead to skin dryness.
If you live in a cold climate, cold air can contribute to dry skin.
Dryness of the skin may occur due to diabetes.
Moreover, diabetes can lead to dryness of the feet, hands, and head too.
The lack of thyroid hormones can affect dry skin.
Quite often, frequent exfoliation, can also lead to dry skin.
Malfunction of the sebaceous glands.
Age-related changes.
If you drink not enough water.
Incorrectly chosen tonal foundation and powder.

What can help against skin dryness?

In the treatment and care of dry and flaky skin, nutrition should be given special attention. But if dryness and flaking caused by vitamin deficiency and lack of minerals, then nutrition will not be able to remedy the lack of micro and macro elements in the body. It should be treated by multivitamins, and continue to follow the diet.

The second step in the treatment is the proper skin cleansing. You can use special creams, lotions or masks. You should abandon the usual soap and other unsuitable cosmetics, as they can dry your skin more. After the water treatment you should not rub your skin, it’s better to get wet with tissue.

The third important step in the treatment of dry, flaky and tight skin is proper care of it. The use of special softening and moisturizing masks significantly can change the situation. The best mask for dry skin will help you to save your face from unpleasant sensation of tightness.

How to determine that you have dry skin?

The main symptoms of dry skin are: pink and yellow color, very thin epidermis, narrow pores and of course, a tendency to irritation and flaking. Dry skin is very thin, so it starts aging faster compared with other skin types. It acutely reacts to climate change. Tingling, redness, irritation are best friends of dry skin.
In no case, people with such type of skin, shouldn’t use hot water! It needs more careful attention than any other type of skin.

There are three types of dry skin:

The first is a normal dry skin. The sebaceous and sweat glands are functioning normally, but there are lack of the fat and moisture.
The second type is the skin with reduced activity of the sebaceous glands, small amounts of fat and moisture. The function of the sweat glands is normal or reduced.
And the third type has a high activity of the sebaceous glands, fat and lack of moisture during normal operation of the sweat glands.

Best masks for dry skin


ULTRA RICH CREAM THERAPY REVIEWThis mask moisturizes the skin amazingly! This is what you need for your dry skin. Natural oils make the skin very soft. Since the mask softens the skin, wrinkles are visibly smoothed. The mask is suitable even for very dry skin. You feel like your skin is smoothed out right before your eyes. The mask should be applied only once a week for 10 minutes.
This mask is rich in such oils as:
Mint oil which gives good refreshing and tonic effect for sluggish, dull and tired skin.
Rosemary leaves oil is effective in treating skin cracks.
Oil of sage is recommended for aging or damaged skin.
Thyme oil helps quickly deal with inflammation.
Oil of flower leaves tones the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for dry and wrinkled skin.

We definitely recommend this mask as a perfect tool for very dry skin!


face mask for dry skinThis mask was created for moisturizing and softening the skin. It has a really strong moisturizing effect.
For very dry skin, we recommend you leave it on longer time, for night.
Made in the form of a gel, that prevents unpleasant tightening. However, despite this, it has a little lifting effect. Which is always good.
Ingredients are great for dry skin:
14 silk protein amino acids, botanical hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, panthenol (vitamin B5), jojoba oil, avena (oatmeal), rosehip seed oil, and vitamin E for a deep soothing.
Very good for using on mature skin. It has no bright smell, so it can be used perfectly for men too.
Although, dry skin has not large pores, this mask doesn’t clog pores, which is good even for a dry skin.
We know that this is important to many of us, and we want to say that this mask is not tested on animals and is cruelty free.
By the way, you can use it as cooling gel eye mask.
Apply as needed.


RAW SHEA BUTTER FACIAL MASK FOR DRY SKINIt restores and moisturizes dry skin.
Shea butter – is a solid fat, the color ranges from white or ivory color to slightly yellowish.
The original shea butter has a slight nutty flavor. Shea acquires the consistency of melted butter at room temperature.
Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of shea.
Cosmetic properties of Shea butter:
Shea butter has super softening effect and is very well suited for calloused areas of the face and body.
Use shea butter on a rough scaly, dry, thinning, gray and dull skin.
Also, when skin is suffering from a lack of nutrition and hydration.
Besides, shea butter can be used on a flaccid, flabby and sagging skin. On a mature face, which already have wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is due to its regenerative properties.
Also it affects the ability of oil synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin, which is known primarily responsible for its elasticity.
Shea butter smoothes wrinkles on the face and tone it up appreciably. It raises elasticity and freshness of the skin.

Apply once a week.