Are you into motorsport? Do you like to ride for hours on dusty or desert terrains? Then, you need to get a proper ATV dust mask. This article talks about the importance of respiratory protection equipment for racing. We will also tell you about things to factor when picking a facepiece. And what if you are already looking for the best mask for ATV (UTV or motocross) riding? Then, keep reading!

What is an ATV Dust Mask?

What makes a mask fitting for ATV, motocross, or UTV riding?

A good ATV dust mask provides enough comfort and filtering efficiency during high-speed riding. That means that the facepiece must block tiny airborne particles (dust, dirt, and smoke) from getting into the respiratory system. At the same time, off road dust mask must allow the wearer to breathe with ease for extended periods of time.

The most optimal type of dust mask for ATV riding would be an FFP1 respirator. It refers to a facepiece that meets the European Standard (EN 149 certification) of filtering efficiency.

How Does the ATV Dust Mask Work?

The primary purpose of an ATV dust mask is to protect the wearer’s airways. They serve as a barrier that wards off irritative particles from your respiratory system.

Motorcycle riders could still use ordinary bandanas to cover their face and nose from the dust. But is it a good option for deserts or rough terrains?

We recommend sticking to modern masks as they are much more efficient and comfortable at high speeds.

The comparison of various types of filtering facepieces by 3M.

It isn’t necessary to get a NIOSH-approved respirator mask if you plan on wearing it during motorsport. Respiratory protection equipment with over 95.5% of filtering efficiency against small particles (like N95, FFP3/P3, or KN95 facepieces) can protect against airborne viruses, chemical particles, and even toxic dust. Even though these masks are viable against dust, but sometimes they can be a bit overpriced.

However, there are some exceptional ATV face masks with excellent filtering efficiency out there (even without NIOSH certification) for a reasonable price. By the way, we are going to look at them up-close in a minute.

What to Look for in an Off Road Dust Mask for ATV Riding?

Want to make sure you’re getting a good mask for ATV or UTV? Then, you should factor to the following:

  • Design. We recommend going for the facewear with earloop and strap design. This way, you can be sure that the mask won’t slip during driving. An adjustable nose clip would also be a pleasant feature.
  • Size. Some are available in one size, while others come in different variations. It’s best to check the official guide for each manufacturer, seeing as sizes vary from brand to brand.
  • Material. You would want your facepiece to be breathable. We recommend going for a permeable neoprene or mesh nylon.
  • Filtering efficiency. Want to use your ATV mask in daily chores or for protection against airborne viruses (like COVID-19/coronavirus)? Then, you might want to look for an FFP2 facepiece (or N95 or NK95 respirator) that filters over 94% of airborne particles.

5 Choices for the Best ATV Dust Mask

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best dust masks for ATV riding!

1. Fightech Dust Mask

Key features:

  • NIOSH-certified (N95 and N99) facepiece that filters over 95.5% and 99% (based on the type of respirator) of airborne particles.
  • Great for physical activities and off-road riding.
  • Unique earloop design.
  • Breathable.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • Automated and efficient valves.
  • Easily replaceable filters.

Fightech Dust Mask offers extremely efficient filtering efficiency with its NIOSH approved filters. It makes for an excellent choice for many types of activities without inflating the price.

What makes this product one of the best dust masks for ATV riding? First of all, it’s the earloop design and adjustable neck strap. It makes it sit on the face really tight and prevents the mask from sliding off your nose during driving. At the same time, it’s easy to breathe in this facewear due to highly breathable material.

We should note that little specs of dust can pass through the mask at high speeds. That’s why you might want to wear some cloth (like a bandana) underneath it for maximal protection.

2. ATV Tek Dust Mask (Bandana)

Key features:

  • Over 95.5% of filtering efficiency.
  • Viable against dust, dirt, and pollen.
  • Washable and long-lasting material.
  • The filter also can be washed along with the mask.
  • Compatible with googles and helmet.
  • One-size-fits-all.

Here’s an example of a great design. ATV Tek facepiece combines the bandana look with the efficiency of an anti-dust mask. This product is available in one size (and variety of color patterns) that should fit the majority of wearers.

Due to the design, this mask makes a complete seal around the face (even if you have facial hair). However, we don’t recommend using it outside of motorsports and road driving.

Due to highly permeable and lightweight material, you are guaranteed not to feel any discomfort while driving.

3. Axsyon Dust Mask

Key features:

  • Blocks roughly 98% of airborne particles.
  • Suitable for sanding (woodworking), outdoor physical activities, as well as on and off-road racing.
  • It can also protect you in urban settings from various types of airborne pollution.
  • Mask shell is made of neoprene.
  • Easy to breathe through due to permeable material.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Adjustable aluminum nose clip for a more comfortable fit.
  • Washable.
  • Filters have to be replaced separately.

Need a stylish mask for outdoor work or road racing? Then, the Axsyon dust mask is the right choice! It is an incredibly efficient respirator mask that is viable against various types of airborne pollution.

This is a very durable product made from highly breathable neoprene material. It makes it extremely comfortable for various activities.

Talking about comfortability, this product has an adjustable nose clip. It makes the mask bearable to wear even for extended periods. However, this facepiece can be a little hot at warmer weather.

You can use this ATV face mask for riding, as well as for daily chores and work environments with high levels of dust exposure.

4. Sireck Dust Mask

Key features:

  • Wards off over 95% of particles, including pollutants that are 2.5 microns in size (dust, pollen, machine exhaust).
  • Well suited for physical activities, including ATV riding and cycling.
  • Made of soft and lightweight nylon material.
  • Earloop design with an adjustable neck strap.
  • Double exhalation valve for smoother breathing.
  • Long-lasting, washable material.
  • Replaceable filters.

The Sireck ATV dust mask is another example of great earloop design. In conjunction with the adjustable neck strap and nose clip, this ATV face mask is guaranteed to remain on your face at all times (even on rocky terrains).

What about filtering efficiency? Good news: this off road dust mask offers protection against 95% of airborne particles. That makes it perfect for dust-heavy environments and outdoor sports.

We should mention that the mask can fog the glasses a bit. Also, you’ll have to wash it a couple of times before the manufacturing smell goes away. Talking about washing…

This is a reusable mask that you should wash for maintenance. The filters, however, shouldn’t be exposed to fluids. To get the best filtering efficiency out of this facewear, we recommend replacing filters every 5 or 6 weeks.

5. Wolfsnout All-Sport Dust Mask

Key features:

  • Comfortable dust mask for various sports.
  • An ideal choice for wearing with helmets and goggles.
  • Great face seal.
  • Washable.
  • Long-lasting (reusable).
  • Doesn’t fog the eyewear.
  • Filtered breathing provides coolness during the heat.

Wolfsnout is a veteran manufacturer that supplies the market with great off-road dust masks. This particular mask has an interesting design that makes it extremely comfortable for all types of road sports. The facepiece also fits the majority of helmets and goggles. You can rely on it to not fog up the eyewear.

The filtering efficiency is also top-notch, which makes it an excellent choice for protection on dusty terrains.

The mask is small and compact but designed in a way that makes a fine fit for almost anyone. Also, Wolfsnout All-Sport mask helps your breath stay cool even during hot weather.

On the downside, you may notice a chemical-like smell the first time you wear it. We recommend washing the facepiece a few times to get rid of it.

Why Do You Need a Dust Mask for ATV Riding?

As we mentioned, the ATV dust mask is a great choice for respiratory system protection during high-speed riding. It’s also much more efficient compared to basic face coverings and bandanas.

According to researchers and governmental institutions, masks with EN-149 certification are sufficient for blocking airborne pollutants. Even FFP1 (P1) masks are viable against low levels of dust that you can encounter during riding. But it’s not just about protection.

Best motorcycle face masks must be comfortable. You should rely on them not to fog the glasses from your breath. Speaking of breathing, some ATV masks can help you in warm weather by keeping your breath cool. Thus, they can make long-distance driving much more bearable.


Wearing proper respiratory protection equipment is crucial for motorsport. With a good ATV dust mask, you can ride smoothly for extended periods of time while keeping yourself safe.

Do you like our selection of equipment? Did we miss any particular brands? Feel free to tell us in the comments!